Would you rather spend the day relaxing at the beach or go hiking in the mountains?

42% Beach 42% Mountains 16% Other
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4 18

i would rather be on amirite 20 hrs a day. that way no one would have to see all my flab and I never have to shower

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I'm not sure I would call it "hiking" anymore, but I'm happiest roaming the mountain forests.

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both appeil to me greatly. hiking in the mountaisn or being by a beach on a lake in the mountains are the best things in the world to do....well besides hunting and stuff lol

At the beach sipping on something with booze in it.

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I'd rather be curled up in my chair reading a book.

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Oh that is a beautiful beach. I wish I was there right now.biggrin smilie

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I am not a fan camping, but I will go.

I'd like to relax.

I actually prefer creeks and rivers. We have a lot of great options in our state so as long as it's dog friendly, I'm in!

I don't know who these people are, but this is an awesome video!
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