A question for the polyglots who claim to ''master'' many languages. Regarding them as a mean of communication, what if you're walking down the street and then a deaf-mute stops you and tries to ask you something, how would you feel then ? Wouldn't you feel that with all the languages you're able to speak, you happen to be paralysed ? Useless ? Unjust ? Learning too many languages and forgetting that sign languages is worth respect and of great importance is not right. People should bare in mind that a handicap is not losing one's arm or sight, it is instead the neglection of those people, their feelings, their language by us. All in all, a polyglot is never a polyglot if among the languages he speaks, sign language is absent.

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Pourtant que c est claire!

Actually, there is no third choice, like partly agree, or partly disagree. Actually, from one language to the other, the sign language is not the same. And normally, you canm also communicate by writing down what you wish to say, provided that you know the language of the deaf-mute. And a kind smile will certainly help.

Actually, there should be a third issue, as I can neither agree nor disagree totally; it depends on the languages known by the polyglot, the language of the deaf-mute (as the signs vary often from one language to the other). Furthermore, many deaf or deaf-mute people can read from the lips. There is also the option of writing, drawing and using the "mime's" or "Italian gestures". And for beginning to communicate, a kind smile is a good start.
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One of the languages I've learned is ASL.

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