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Tool in New Orleans was my favorite...

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They're awesome live. I saw them twice. Once at the release of Mer de Noms, they opened for Nine Inch Nails in Lakeland, FL and totally stole the show. The second time was in NOLA, the Thirteenth Step tour, Arctic Monkeys opened that one. Both bands were great. Arctic Monkeys played an epic cover of Hybrid Moments.

But I gotta say, given a choice between APC and TOOL, definitely TOOL. Their live show is wicked.

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They don't tour often, I missed them several times in cities close by before I finally made it to the Lateralus tour. They played for a long time too, it wasn't one of the play the hits and leave types of performances. I was disappointed with NIN for that reason, but APC opening made it worth the ticket price. lol

That's really funny. Weird mental image = Iha telling knock knock jokes. I've been following him since back in his Smashing Pumpkins days, he's an amazing guitarist. I was so excited when I found out he was playing with them. And Howerdel is unmistakable, kinda like Eddie Van Halen, he has such a unique sound that's impossible to miss.

My son was playing this old PS2 game, Jak X Combat Racing, while listening to the background music, I instinctively knew it was either APC or Howerdel. I checked the soundtrack and sure enough, Howerdel composed it. lol Pretty awesome too, as game sountracks go.

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American carnage tour 2010 - Megadeth Slayer and Testament

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Muse, definitely. Billy Talent comes a really close second due to a panic attack.

I went to a Fall Out Boy concert in 2007 and it was rad.

I haven't been to many concerts.

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Ghost of the Robot in Las Vegas this past April. I've been to a lot of concerts, but I've never has as much fun as I did at Ghost of the Robot's show. I danced, I sang along, I did a kick line with the friends who were there with me. It was a blast.

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I've enjoyed lots of them ... I guess the Beach Boys concert was my favorite.

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