Nobody ever knows which things are better left undone.

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Sometimes it's just best to let sleeping dogs lie.

I know that's usually true of me but out of 7 billion people on this rock, surely some could discern when to leave well enough alone.

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I don't think rape is something that can be undone.

@Will_Janitor I don't think rape is something that can be undone.

No, where it regards rape or the rape victim, he's thinking "left undone" as in left untouched, not bothered with, or left alone. He's not thinking "undoing" it.


Not to be an asshole
There are some
people born from rape
that have made a positive
difference in the world

@Will_Janitor And that is entirely to their credit.

I abhore rape
yet these folks would not
have been here to
accomplish their good deeds
had the rape been avoided

It is a conundrum
we can never know
what life would have been like
had those perpetrators been stopped.

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