A man and woman are sitting at a table across from each other. The room is minimally decorated. What do you think their relationship is, why are they sitting there, and what are they talking about...

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They are not the only ones at the table. The two are mere acquaintances. He just stood up and said "My name is Joe, and I'm an alcoholic". It's not her turn yet.

"I can't believe she's still talking"

I think they might be a couple who have decided to discuss their finances...

Karrin Murphy and Harry Dresden in an interrogation room. Karrin is grilling Harry about a building that burned down. Harry swears it wasn't his fault.

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Donald Trump is offering his opinion of Hillary Clinton's face, while they are setting face to face. Hillary continues her claim that her emails troubles were caused by a video. This is the first time that she has not lied on over a month. Donald continues to question her persona. wt smilie

It is a female police officer interrogating a male suspect. Shes about to pull his fingernails out with pliers. She doesnt like men and this one is afraid, very afraid.

Husband: "Honey...I think we need to take out a second mortgage. It's not bare enough in here."
Wife: "Oh I agree. I'll even sell the kid to the neighbor's to save on cleaning supplies."
Husband: "Good idea. Then we can glue the cat shut so we don't have to buy more litter."
Wife: "Oh that's wonderful! Maybe more bricks on the windows?"
Husband: "We don't need the carpet! Let's get rid of it."
Wife: "We don't even need this table!"
Husband: "That bed costs way too much. Let's sleep on the floor."

Sounds like child custody /family court to me.

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Waging the minimum wage of waged minimal relationships!

They're in a train station waiting for a train to LA because they just robbed a bank in Chicago.

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