Have you ever milked a cow?

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Yep, every time we stayed at my uncle's farm.

Yes, I sucked the milk right of the utter!

Nope and that is not on my bucket list.

The nearest cow farm to here is about 50 miles southwest not including mountains in the way etc. it takes about an hour and 15 minutes to reach one from here.

No, I don't care for the smell of cows.

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Put it on your bucket list.

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Bratty as ever.

Yes! And gotten kicked by a cow...

Never had the pleasure.

Never have

No, and I don't plan to.

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Not yet.

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With my teeth

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Thanks, I'll be sure to write that down somewhere.

Every morning before i walked 5 miles to school,so i could have something to drink with my crackers..

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