Are Agnostics less annoying as Atheists?

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Yes, I've never known an atheist who wasn't annoying.

Those PHAET trolls.

I'm agnostic and I don't think I'm annoying. I don't care what religion you follow as long as you don't bother me with it.

theres annoying people from any group

Anyone who doesn't shove their beliefs in another's face is less annoying than anyone who does.

Naw neither annoy me. It is the bible pushers who bug me, I don't hate religion, I just get it when and where i want.

No, on the contrary. Atheists are as fundamentalist as any other fundamentalism.

@KristenGuruLynn I think they're both annoying and somewhat retarded.

I cerrainly don't think they're retarded. At least not the agnostics and atheists in the intellectual institutions. They are seeking the truth more actively than many of us. Faith ends up being about trusting, and they'd rather not.

Yes. They tend to fart less than most

I don't know. They don't wear a label here.

I don't recall Agnostics being a special breed. Agnostics can be atheists. Ex: Agnostic Atheist.

We're a little more tame... An atheist will fucking kill you during foreplay

im new to the agnostic world and i think agnostics are the most reasonable out of the 2.

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I meant to say less annoying than atheists.

Less annoying than atheists? Dunno. Less annoying than anti-theists? You betcha.

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I rarely ever see an agnostic shoving their beliefs in other peoples faces the way atheists do.

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If you find that people not knowing what their label means is annoying to you. You have a serious problem with minding your own business.

Does it annoy you that I don't know how to crochet a sweater?

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