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It's symbiosis, the gestalt of it all .

The most awe inspiring aspect of Nature is the vastness of the Universe. But as far as remarkable items on this earth, I am always amazed by the spider webs that I see them spin around my yard. How in the world do they know about such complex geometries?

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dislike to the city in front of the mountains lol

When you get up in the morning and it's a warm, clear, bright beautiful day and you are glad to be alive, than that is the most inspiring day. Hmmm. why not ask this question when the weather is bad?

Flowers. :)

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what of the noble standing of the trees

high above the summer breeze
coming forth in the spring
floating down in the fall
freezing in the winter tall.


The ocean.

It is whatever aliment inspire you most.

I believe that the trees, flowers, animals, mountains, ocean & weather are inspiring elements of nature.🌺🌸🌺

and any body of water in the mountains

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