Do You Think An Opinion Deserves Respect Just By Virtue of Being An Opinion?

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There ya go! That's good.

Me too.

Opinions deserve consideration, but not automatic respect.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but not all opinions are valid... Goes hand in hand with "you're entitled to speech, not a platform."

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And you are not entitled to use of it, are you?

If you check the TOS you'll soon discover the site owners reserve the power to terminate an account or content at any time, without warning and for any or no reason at all, they hold sole discretion. There is no appeals process for this decision.

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So you ask me a question that has nothing to do with the topic and then accuse me of deviating from the topic for answering it?

How incredibly clever of you. You really got me this time, didn't you! Is that the response you were looking for? lol

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I see you deleted your previous "rhetorical question." May I ask why?

No, I don't grasp meaningless dialogue...

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Need I also point out that you approached me, not the other way around?

If you don't want to answer you can just say that.

You know Gun, maybe you should ask yourself some of those rhetoricals. Seems your insinuations apply more to your own behavior than mine.

One may be 'entitled' to one's own opinion, but one is not entitled to one's own FACTS.

So, the answer is no.

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I've tried, Melz. You've seen me try.

You can reach who you can reach.

Might be fucked up, but people believe what they believe. I really don't give a shit.

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because if someones oppinion is caused by the hatred of others then it deserves no respect

Yes, I believe that every opinion deserves respect.

Respect or silent ridicule..

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