Have you ever made a man cry?

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Like only every day!

No, but many men have made me cry.

Not a man but a lot of boys.

Yes, I was way to big for his tight little anus.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I have.
I can have a very sharp tongue. It's not pretty. And I definitely regret not apologizing when I should have.

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Yeah, I beat up guys as a hobby.

I am assuming you are not referring to like when I wrote my son a letter upon his graduation from college - after a long struggle to get his degree - telling him how very proud of him that I was/am. My at the time future daughter-in-law told me he got really weepy eyed when he read my letter.

I made my dad cry once, but he was faking and he wanted to scare me.

Yes I have, and I have regretted it.

Yes, last year when I told my best friend, I was moving to another state. I felt so bad, I ended up staying right where I am.

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