Following the alphabet, you will come up with a sentence, and the following person will use the alphabet in creating a sentence with your sentence in mind...hence evolving a story. In coming up with a sentence keep the following person in mind so it will be easy for them to build on your short make your sentence easy to follow in order to eventually build a story...
I'll begin with "A".

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The rain had started at dusk and from the moment he heard its thunderous roar over the din of the generators, Burt had been dreading his nightly trek.


But not like any other night this city had ever experienced.

Old Bert quickly decided to jump at the opportunity to win enough for those snow tires, while remaining oblivious to the possibility of loosing his whole pay check.

I see you have quit the casino at the peak of your streak, but of course you intend to return in the end. Amirite

Aware at last of his peril, old Burt beats it to the street in time to catch a ride on a passing donkey headed his way.

@Daver Street Aware at last of his peril, old Burt beats it to the street in time to catch a ride on a passing donkey...

At first Burt is astonished at the donkey and cart being out in the rain and snow; he recovers however, and gives the driver a few dollars to drop him off at the nearest YMCA.

Even in this Spartan setting Burt's quest for cash to buy them there snow tires remained undaunted as he sought out the usual crap game in the basement.

Burt pulled out his wad of cash and settled into an empty chair at the table, just before projectile vomiting onto the table.

Its seems when Burt was younger he swallowed a large cockroach that logged in his gut and had been festering for nearly 40 years and occasionally caused violent bouts of nausea.


I'm so sleepy this morning because I couldn't get in zzz's last night.

Sure enough a shrill stream of invective flowed down the telephone into his ear. He held out the phone and caught bits and pieces of the invective...

"How could... tellible man!... My father says.... Where
were you.... Waiting for you all night...couldn't sleep....!"

It was another dark and snowy day in Small Town, USA.

A ghastly aura cast it's glow on the city; Burt the janitor muttered to himself as he began preparing for the long, arduous journey home....

Along with the rain and snow mixing what worried Burt also was the fact that he had failed - due to finances - to get his vehicle equipped with snow tires...


Amirite is turning into a fun social website; let's keep it that way.

Burt grimly realized that while having fun with "various addictions" in his life, there was really no excuse for getting into a major accident all due to lack of snow tires....

Opting to stay at the Ambassador Hilton rather than slog it home in the snowy rainy day kind of night, Bert straightened his dirty overalls and stepped into the richly appointed grand lobby.

Now should he go down to play on the hotel's blackjack tables or was it just another form of temptation that he didn't need?

Downstairs a blackjack dealer assessed him with kind eyes: What will it be Mister? Ones?

Two hours later Burt lay naked on the rotating bed in the lavishly decadent high-roller penthouse suite on the top floor of the Ambassador Hilton, trying to refocus his bleary eyes.

Man! Now how was he going to explain this to his girlfriend, Eva...while they hadn't yet discussed the M word...marriage was definitely on her horizon...

No point in screwing up a great evening worrying about reality, when suddenly the door to the elevator slid open and in stepped ----

The manager of the hotel, who, while pompously dressed in Armani, opened the curtains and said unctuously to Burt...

""May we extend a free stay at our hotel for tonight and tomorrow; and here to make your stay more pleasant are vouchers for blackjack.'' said the hotel manager Mr. Right smoothly.

About 4 surly looking fellas were gathered around a very dusty green table; looking like they'd been playing since the last decade.

The four men snorted derisively and xenophobically raked their chairs back while quickly gathering their money and cards....

That was fun ---- thanks

@Sukiesnow Did I wear you out? :-)

Must have. I experienced an alphabetical brain fart a smilie

This as well as being hung over caused Burt's vomiting; Burt cleaned everything himself and, seeing as he had lots of dough, the men were willing to continue the game.

Since they were playing blackjack Burt felt relieved; it was one of the games he enjoyed...and perhaps later he could make a phone call to Eva...groan...!...she must be going out of her mind....

As Burt settled into his blackjack game he began winning and as he began winning he mustered up the courage to phone Eva...his longtime girlfriend...

Hudow? her shrill Asian shriek came across the airwaves...

"It's me, Burt.'' Even as he said it he realized he was in for it big time...

Burt ran over to the beautfiul woman and declared multiple apologies...she was exquisite... Petite, with eyes of blue and a cornsilk flow of hair she was everything he dreamed of.... Still...he thought with some bitterness...Eva was still very much in his life.

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