Re: Federal Election 2015 - Part One If I were the PRIME MINISTER of Canada, I would not travel around the globe just to look good. I would stay home and take care of all the problems that have piled up to the roof in this country. Alas, it seems that no one cares. Well, I do! Briefly you will read my suggestions about: Canada / Internal Politics / Health Politics / Crime / Miscellaneous... These suggestions will be found on Google and Yahoo News. Please note that I’m not simply giving my opinion, I am stating the plain facts that I have been made aware of in my over 40 years in this country. Canada If I were Prime Minister of Canada: 1. We would be neutral. As a multicultural country we can’t take sides. 2. We would have a referendum regarding whether we should stay or exit the commonwealth. 3. We would exit from the U.N. United Nations was incorporated to maintain peace in the world after WW2, but it has been misused and doing the opposite in the Far and Middle East, and Africa. 4. Our military troops would be called back to Canada to be retrained in Urban Warfare. We would no longer have the military participate in covert operations – the result we can see with the Western European Society being overrun today. There was no need for this. 5. For years Canada provided direct cash – literally billions to other countries, plus food to countries that didn’t need it. This would be discontinued – my policy would be this: Our People Come First! 6. Immigration Policies will be reviewed and revise. 7. Having Canadian Honour Guards would cease. This is an old practise to show off our masculine country, to impress. There is no place for this in today’s society. 8. The Federal Justice System from judges, lawyers, to courts would be completely reworked to make it a civilized system – to stop a system which is known to the World Court as misleading and corrupt. Those filling their pockets with money and those who misuse the system will be heavily penalized. 9. The House of Commons would be shut down. It is breeding criminals (380 charges in 2013/2014). 10. Political parties with ideologies will not be allowed, only those which have what is best for Canadians in mind. 11. No Political Party will be able to be bribed with donations by Corporate Firms or private citizens. Donations would be forbidden throughout Canada. 12. The Federal Government will have their own Media – T.V. etc., as the Canadian system is controlled by others and do not report the truth but rather brainwash Canadians as part of their propaganda. 13. As Canada is used to being told by the government for the past 15+ years (our dictatorship) my proposal needs 1 to 2 years to get rid of all of the backlog and will govern as a big corporation in favour of Canadians. Then a true democratic system will be installed. 14. Canadian Human Rights Commission would be educated and lectured as to what their purpose is in this country. More To Come!!!

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i agree with pulling our troops out of the middle east but why "urban warfare"?? you will pit the government against Canadians??? some of what you say is ok, but urban warfare? and government run media to prevent brainwashing and lies from spreading? Bahahahahaha good one. the government is the NUMBER one brainwashing tool and center of lies.

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