Re: Federal Election 2015 - Part Two Internal Policies If I were Prime Minister of Canada: 1. Everyone has to pay taxes, but personal and Corporate taxes will be reviewed and lowered. Cheating on taxes, or not paying tax is a crime and the offenders will be heavily penalized. 2. Revenue Canada policies will be reviewed. 3. Investigate why in Canada we pay more for cars than in the United States. 4. Years ago, the Federal Government deleted the penny and the two dollar bill – why not also eliminate the nickel? Merchants would then be required to lower the prices of items to the nearest 10 cents. In general, merchants are regularly gouging the public with exaggerated prices. 5. Why are we paying so much for gasoline when the price of oil is so low? Although it is denied, it is price fixing by manipulation of the facts and is an act against the public. 6. Fracking for resources would not be allowed in Canada – period. 7. The RCMP’s red uniform would be fazed out. 8. The RCMP would be thoroughly investigating the killing or disappearance of 1,200 native women. 9. 400 female RCMP reported that they have been raped by their male RCMP counterpart who have up until now gotten away with their actions (as well as sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination). No wonder idiots in the public think they can copy this outrageous behaviour and hope to get away with it too. Rapists and pedophiles would be heavily penalized, no matter who they are. RCMP would be lectured heavily on what is right and wrong. New hiring practices are needed. 10. The quality of life of Canadian First Nations would be reviewed. Policies would be introduced to stop the 100 years of misguided treatment, and have them incorporated into the daily life of Canada – no “ifs or buts”. 11. Equal pay for men and women doing the same job will be adhered to. Any businesses who practice discriminatory actions of non-equal pay will face heavy penalties. 12. The Privacy Act will be heavily reinforced. 13. Loud vehicles that infuriate the public day and night with their missing or modified mufflers will be taken off the road, and owners will be charged for their inconsiderate behaviour. 14. The practice of allowing trees to grow under power lines and close to buildings will no longer be allowed. Any trees currently in those areas will be removed. Ill-advised, low IQ bureaucrats and officials can be blamed for the wreckage that occurs when a tree falls on a power line or a building, not God or bad weather! 15. Airplanes will no longer be permitted to spray chemicals into the atmosphere. Any reports of it happening will be followed up. 16. Lotteries like 6/49 and others will not be allowed to broadcast the names or pictures of winners unless given permission by them. Also, it would be helpful to print lottery tickets on different coloured paper depending on whether it is purchased for a single player, multiple friends, multiple family members, or multiple workplace players. This would make it immediately visible that the holder of the ticket may or may not be the sole winner of the ticket (avoiding lawsuits etc.) 17. As Canada is a multicultural country, anyone who comes here to live (and leave their problems behind) must start new here – PERIOD. Any religious attire that is not homogenous with the Canadian way will be forbidden – they must conform to the “Canadian way”. Anyone not abiding by this in public will be sent back to where they came from. An exception would be 1 week and on Heritage day, where you can show your Heritage or religion – otherwise absolutely not permitted, in order to reduce the hate crime in this country. 18. Our railroad systems will be advised and encouraged to spend funds to make the system far more efficient and faster than it presently is. Europe’s trains, for instance, travel as fast as 160 km/hr. 19. Pre-arranged marriages to foreigners will not be permitted. 20. Circumcisions would not be permitted and would be penalized – they are just not necessary in our climate. 21. Companies that supply Internet, Cable, Telephone etc. services will be advised to look to Europe, where costs are only a fraction of what Canadians pay, and a better system to boot. 22. We need to wage war on wild fires – our current resources are allowing huge areas of forestry and homes to burn, costing millions to combat and replace. In 2003, I wrote to the government with the idea that they should purchase 2 large super water bombers equipped with the largest Russian motors which would take care of all of these problems. Instead we use helicopters with water pails, which do so little to help in big emergencies. If we had the super water bombers we could also rent them to the USA as they have the same problems we do. These are only a few items of concern I have listed – there are far more!!! Coming soon - #3 - Healthcare

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All good points...

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