Re: Federal Election 2015 - Part Three Healthcare If I were Prime Minister of Canada: 1. The quality of healthcare in Canada is the lowest in the industrial and civilized world, due to the fact that the Federal government over the past 20 years has not been interested in doing anything for Canadian citizens. Our brainless bureaucrats leave everything up to the provinces. Lacking Federal guidelines, the system has fallen apart. The provinces are not interested in picking up the pieces, but there are many individuals interested in picking up very nice perks and paycheques to make it look like they intend to improve the system. Thousands of people have died; even more are living in stages of extreme agony. And do Doctors say anything? No, they just line their pockets – shame on them, too. This system is a disgrace to our country and to humanity. I would revise the system and many of these crooks would be held accountable for their actions (and non-actions). 2. GMO food would not be allowed in this country period. There will be absolutely no importing of GMO products. Firms trying to sneak it in will be held responsible. If USA wants to poison their people, let them. That doesn’t mean we have to. Thirty European countries do not allow this cancer causing food, and nor should we. 3. No artificial sugar or salt will be allowed or imported period. And the amount of added sugar and salt will be reduced by 50% in all products immediately, until more studies are done to determine if further reductions are required, to prevent unnecessary sickness. 4. Adding fluoride to water will not be allowed period. 5. Many unhealthy and unnecessary additives will not be allowed (dyes, nitrites, hydrogenated oils...) 6. Certain foods will be removed because they are causing cancer, e.g. microwave popcorn, French Fries, meat with hormones, soda pop, white bread etc. We will implement Federal dietary guidelines concerning the consumption of carcinogenic foods such as barbecued (charred) meat. 7. The radiation of food will be discontinued. 8. Regulations regarding cell phones will be introduced, as we have known for many years that that the radio waves they emit can cause cancer. 9. Electromagnetic waves from power lines will be taken care of. 10. Microwave oven frequencies will be taken care of. 11. Regulations regarding radon gas in homes will be initiated – why is the lazy government not pushing this issue? 12. Fundraising for donations by certain groups in the name of healthcare, well... millions of those dollars are going straight into the bank accounts of their CEO’s, and they spend maybe 3% of the donations on actual care. Before you donate, check out the charity. Don’t support freeloaders. 13. Organic medicine will be introduced again, as it is more powerful than the chemicals the doctors prescribe. And the very high cost of pills from pharmaceuticals (up to 50,000% profit) will be investigated, and laws put into place. Firms will be heavily fined or shut down for any violation of the rules. 14. These are only a few items, I could tell you of far more. Doctors, politicians, bureaucrats should be advising you of all of this but they don’t. Only God know why! Is it just to be blamed on their low IQ, or on purpose for some other reasons? Coming soon - #4 - Crime

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Way too much to read Herb! Keep it down to 3 sentences, and put something in your own comment.

so america take note of the health care, SOCIALIST healthcare SUCKS, Canada is the proof. private=better,

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