If You Had Your Own TV Network What Would You Put On It?

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Only because there isn't one that I know of, I would have a station dedicated exclusively to the visual arts. Art history, artists spotlights, education...stuff like that.

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That's why I said, "that I know of". I don't have cable, but anytime I have seen A&E it's been fairly entertaining but not very arty to me.
Hold on...just looked at their listings, so the answer is NO!!! lol! It would be about Art. Not Duck Dynasty and not Criminal Minds, even though I love it.

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Hmm, that's too bad. He's a strange one that's for sure. I've never fully understood his concept or moreover, his end point, but I'm not a regular listener either. It's fun to listen if you are just a casual listener though.

Childrens programming

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End of times reports..it is the time of the end

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