There's no bigger slut than Miley Cyrus.

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Any woman that would live with 7 male dwarfs is obviously not living a life of moral values.

I wouldn't know if she's a slut but she is definitely a pop star looking for publicity by causing small uproars with her actions. I mean it's nobody's business how many guy's she's been with and I think she has every right to do what she wants but I would discourage anybody from looking up to her. There are far more admirable females out there to admire who don't let society hold them back.

Don't forget all the Liberals ladies on Sodahead

Miley and Lindsey Lohan should become roommates.

It's sad when you have to resort to what she does. It gets in the way of any talent she might pocess.

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I've heard that Betty White really gets around too.

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