Would you like it if a reporter asked you what your view was of today's politics?

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I'd love to share my political opinions. I'm full of opinions, among other things. o_o smilie

Boy would I give HIM an ear full.

@WilliamLivingston Boy would I give HIM an ear full.

It seems that most women are too shy but men aren't...

It doesn't matter what I'd like. My ideas don't conform to their agenda. It wind up on the cutting room floor and never see the light of day.

Yep. But, then I would know that I said would be twisted and turned by whomever asked the question.

I'd tell them my view of the media

no nobody talk to me

Lol. No. I don't follow politics. And I'm pretty sure I'd be more miserable if I did.

Would you like being asked by a reporter that what is your view about today's politics?" that is not exactly you wanted to ask! the reporter in the question is unnecessary. you wanted to ask what is your view about today's politics. I beg your pardon sukiesnow I am not trying to draw your mistakes as I am not an expert of English language. I am just conceiving words and sentences that how I would ask this question?

not much because i wouldn't know what to say.

I wouldn't dislike it if they asked.

I wouldn't mind it if many reporters asked many people that very same question: Those reporters, who might ask such a question, might discover that the answers might very well prove that the Respondents know more, than the Reporters do, about Politics.

No I would appear mean just because I don't like any of the politics at all.

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Ahhh, so you're an American! I feel your pain!

I'd love it but I might be shy about answering...especially around cameras....

Sure! But, I think they reporter would be sorry they asked.

Probably not. They control the mike and editing. The news media are masters at telling the story they WANT to tell - not necessarily the truth. I won't play their game.

I wouldn't be to happy about. I keep that stuff secret.

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