Are you satisfied with the current crop of potential presidential candidates for 2016?

25% Yes 67% No 8% Other
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I can't say that I am completely satisfied with any of them so far.

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Bernie Sanders is interesting, and I'm glad he is doing as well as he is, but frankly, I don't think it will last. Hillary Clinton will eventually be the nominee. And Hillary is not a candidate I can support with any amount of enthusiasm.

The GOP candidates? I cannot support any of those. No way.

I'll probably be voting third-party (again) in '16.

I'm feelin' the Bern!

In the Republican field there are three that would take our nation in the right direction as strong and confident leaders.
The Democrats have no one who would save us from the progressive liberals. Sooooo wink smilie

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So your speaking about the Democrats right..

I haven't seen one put up on the Republican side who stands any chance of winning the actual November 2016 election. Trump cannot be the Republican nominee, so unless someone else strong moves in to take Trump's place, I'm not going to be satisfied. I haven't seen anybody on the Democrat side who's got the guts to oppose Hillary, so their ballot sucks as well!

@goblue1968 I haven't seen one put up on the Republican side who stands any chance of winning the actual November 2016...

I hope your full of shit, but can't tell for sure about Hillary, there are a lot of dummies in the voting population. She could still win the WH despite how fucked up she is.

It's OK, but then I'm not American...

only one I know personally and I DO trust what he can do.

I've seen better and I've seen worse.

I have not seen a good candidate for a few decades.

only on the Dem side

Bernie Sanders is basically the only one I actually like

I want Allen West.

Clinton would destroy what is left of this country. The Benghazi b**** can not be president with all her lying, coverups and especially the deaths of four Americans. I can't believe anyone with any sense would even consider her fit for office.angry smilie No more clintons or bushes in office.

To those who said no, why? (just curious) Then again, when are people ever satisfied with candidates...

It's more of a circus than ever before. The conservative right refuses to acknowledge that the corruption we see in America is precisely what they claimed would happen under a communist regime, only it's happening under capitalism... I don't have the answer.

There is rand Paul and Carson they would not be decent candidates but people would rather vote for the bad ones let keep Hillary or Donald

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