Good morning, Sunday!

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Oh no, it is Europe, I took the whole morning, trying to find out how to add pictures and links to my "good morning", and then, searching and finding nothing - lol.

It is past 2 p.m. here, and you are even an hour ahead.

This is my own picture (Spring in Giverny, from a trip)
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and here's the link found on-line for the autumn ambiance:
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Well, now you can laugh:
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Silly? I suppose that you want to read a good joke, or two?

I know that the word for hell is helvetti, which has nothing to do with the former Celtic people from Gallia, called Helvetii.
Here's something about hell, heaven and their definition, following some nationalities and professions:

Heaven & Hell

HEAVEN is where:
The police are British
The chefs Italian
The mechanics are German
The lovers are French
and it's all organised by the Swiss

HELL is where:
The police are German
The chefs are British
The mechanics are French
The lovers are Swiss
and it's all organised by the Italians!!

Why did so many Finnish settle in Minnesota?

An American Answer:
A Finnish guest once told me that the reason there r so many Finns in the state
of Minnesota is because when they first arrived in the US and the immigration
people asked them where they were gonna go they said "Minnesota" which in
Finnish means "wherever u take me".

These American guides seemed to have some problems with their ears, if "missä otat minut" is correct.

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Oops, I forgot about your ribs ...

Then, you'll have to wait a bit with the honey badger - you'd rather stick to smiles or big grins.

smile smiliebiggrin smilie

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Good afternoon, Gun - how nice to see you again!

Your coffee was tempting - I am having one now ...


After a rainy morning, we are having a sunny afternoon.
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Thank you, and you're welcome.

I hope that you are having a sunny Sunday too!

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Yes, it is fall; there was a significant temperature drop here, below normal for the season.

I've had better sundays

Lol - at least we had a very hot and bright summer. This autumn is indeed dull and below seasonal temperatures. We had thick fog for nearly two days, and by now, the sky is heavily clouded. Well, some rain would not hurt.

Autumn might not be the favourite season for many, but the colours and the mystery of foggy days are worth seeing:

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Have a great Sunday!

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