What are things that make you nostalgic?

75% Oh this 0% Nothing 25% Other
Lil_Princesss avatar Life
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90's music, some old television shows, the toy isle at most stores (even though they've destroyed pretty much everything they tried to revamp from my childhood).

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Christmas for sure!
I have no decorations from my childhood so I hunt them down on ebay and garage sales. I just got some old plastic garland. It's a hoot!

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Me too. Christmas is really under my skin right now. I will be forever in search of an old aluminum Christmas tree that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

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That's cool, but sad. I know those aren't exactly inexpensive either, especially this time of year.
There was an aluminum tree company making reproductions that I saw online years ago. When I went back recently they had gone out of business so I'll continue my search for an original. biggrin smilie

Old photographs, music of the 40's through the 60's, cards and letters I've saved over the years.

The older I get, the longer that list becomes.
Music, tv, certain scents, art, architecture, a photo...it goes on and on.

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