I just love it when people running for public office’s conveniently omits little things like Law suits, Bankruptcies, wives not naturalized citizens except through marriage, you know the little things. We are talking about a man that wants us to trust him with our money because “I am a successful business man.” Well, in my opinion successful businessmen don’t go filing bankruptcy, personal or otherwise, successful businessmen don’t go getting sued by the Department of Justice (1973). Sure the case against him for “discrimination” was settled in 1975 but then 40 years he wants us to not discriminate against others. Oh yea I know “people can change in 40 years.” Really? And I change my underwear everyday but that don’t solve the problem. Then we have those nasty defamation cases filed against him filed and settled in 1990. With that on the Taj Mahal in Vegas seems to come to mind. Then, in 2002 the SEC brought a suite against this man for financial reporting, well his hotels and casinos. IMO, this man likes to pull the wool over people’s eyes, but then that is only my opinion, and I can’t back it up yet. Then there is that nasty little suit in 2008, with a bank you don’t want to fool with, The Deutsche Bank, when he didn’t have the money to pay a loan. And we all know how nasty banks can get when they want their money, but I guess he got the money up to settle the case so both the Bank dropped the charges against this person. Wow, again in 2009 this person was sued because he “failed to properly represent himself in a condo venture in Baja Mexico. But, it seems and he settled the lawsuit with more that 100 would-be condo owners for a lot of money, i. e. “money talks and bullshit walks.” This man is more hypocritical than I ever thought he would be. In 2013 this man sued Bill Maher, the man can really make you laugh, for $5 million because on the Tonight Show Mr. Maher offered to pay to a charity of this many choice the sum of $5 million dollars if he proved that he was not from and orangutan. True the joke involved his mother but it was not meant to be defamatory. In my opinion I think that it was Mr. Maher that was poking fun at Obama to this man who challenged Obama to produce his birth certificate if Obama produced his college application, transcripts, and passport records. Now by a strange coincidence this person offered $5 million dollars, the same amount this person was suing for. Now we come to August 24, 2013 where this person was being sued by the NYAG (New York Attorney General) for conning over 5,000 people of $40 million dollars. Seems that this many University was ILLEGAL. Hmmm, and this man wants to be president. Seems he was trying to teach “bait and switch”, whatever that is. But in October of 2014 the courts said that this guy was guilty, hmm $40 Million divided by 5,000 equals $8,000, chump change to this person. Now it seems you do not use the word “NO” in this persons presence because this person doesn’t know what it means. But records show that this person was advised in 2005 and 2010 not to use the word “UNIVERSITY” but like all wealthy people he did what he wanted, EVEN suing a student for one million dollars for blowing the whistle, even after the student paid out some $37,000 on this persons so called “seminar”. BUT as usual the U. S. District courts seen right through this persons tricks and ordered this person to pay this student AND her attorneys the sum of $798774.24 in legal fees and costs. Oh, oh, there seems to be more about this man. I see where in the fall of 2014 some model brought forth a civil suit against him. Now I don’t know about you but this Republican wants no part of this type of man being MY president. Hell, in my opinion, he is no better than Obama AND Hillary. I have gone 8 years with no president I don’t want to go through another 8 years without a president. I now know what it is like to be under the thumb of a dictator, I don’t want to know what it will be like with a person that is being sued all the time by the Government. Cattastrophy – a.k.a Constitution Believer

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Well, I can't really argue with anything you've said, but remember this man you speak of is only a "Republican" out of opportunity, not of conviction. He's one of the bigger RINO's we've ever seen who just happens to stir up ordinarily decent people into a frenzy because he boldly speaks of legitmate issues others avoid. It's annoying as hell to watch, especially because we've already been thru this before with a certain current president that was not properly vetted. It's a sucky scenario, but it has by no means played out entirely.

@BoredCollieDog Well, I can't really argue with anything you've said, but remember this man you speak of is only a "Republican" out...

Yes, I do agree with you.
My point was, with a record like this guy, Republican or not, RONI or not I don't want him running this country.

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