Re: Federal Election 2015 - Part Five Miscellaneous • Harper has a $1.8 billion surplus! Was he deferring the funds to next year in the hope that he wins? What a CHEAT! Canada has debt – this is just a political manipulation. • Trudeau – like father like son. Pierre had no respect for Canadians, and proven by the flip of his finger. I left Europe 40 years ago to get Communist Liberals out of my life, only to be caught here in Canada with the same ideology economically speaking. My beliefs were destroyed in the 1980’s, along with my money. Well, that’s life... • Mulcair is throwing around billions to buy people’s love, and is not even aware of what all is wrong in this country. If I were Prime Minister of Canada: 1. Canadian funds would not be allowed to build shopping malls south of the border. People can buy here! We have enough merchants with American backgrounds. 2. The new fighter jet F35 would be cancelled. I would like to remind you of the 1950’s/60’s, when the Lockheed F104 Star Fighter was perilous, but big bribes kept it in business. This jet was so completely unsafe, it killed 110 pilots in one major country in Europe. Now we want to buy from them again??? How stupid are we? 3. I would not integrate our Canadian military forces with the USA. Whoever came up with this idea should be jailed – it is stupidity. The USA has the longest history of war since WWII – it is mostly covered up, but in fact is doing it for the New World Order: sick people. Let’s have PEACE. What you see in Europe – is that not enough to want to stop destroying a civilization that way??? 4. The Quebec issue would be a top job. People that don’t like Canada will be asked to leave. You can’t live in the past, you have to look forward. Those troublemakers would have a choice – leave, or you will be moved. French speaking countries may like to have immigrants like Europe. Now they’re using all the people from the Middle East. 5. Of course I would improve a democratic political system in Canada to make this country a great multicultural society what it should be. 6. One item no one will “one up” me in – I work for my Social Assistance; I would not have a salary in the hundreds of thousands. The only job related cost – expenses. And don’t think that my Social Assistance is high. I am short every month, thanks to our government and a few doctors. See my story on http:herb6744.wix.com/canadahealthscare or view it on Youtube at https:www.youtube.com/results?search_query=herb6744

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