Seems that two kinds of guilt separate us from another: Those of us who feel guilty when we have had too much pleasure, and those of us who feel guilty because we have not taken the time to experience more.

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Emotions (for me at least)
tend to be reactive.
Once they emerge
I can suppress them.
It takes a bit of effort
for me to proactively
elicit an emotion without a stimulus.
I find most to be "useless"
except as a tool to rally other to a cause.


I disagree - Guilt is essentially shame. There's not enough being felt in the country today IMHO.

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There are many sources for feeling guilt.
The two mentioned in OP seem to me polar.
feeling guilt for experiencing pleasure
is (to me) odd
feeling guilt because you chose
work over pleasure?
That seems like a personal issue

Guilt is guilt whatever the reason.

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