guns are NOT the problem. people's heart's are the problem!

let us use the liberal logic that we have a gun problem everytime a psycho uses one on someone with cars shall we, this will determine just how sound liberal logic really is: drunk driver kills say 1O people. lets ban cars, we have a car problem.

does this make sense???? NO of course not, the problem America is facing is bad people problem, the gun is as harmless as the car int he right hands, and can be very destructive in the wrong hands. taking guns away from good people will not prevent bad people from using guns, in fact, taking guns away from good people will give open targets to bad people, every single mass shooting proves that.

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It's a well known fact that murder rates go down the more well armed citizens are.

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tell me where in the second amendment it says that. your putting your own liberal twist on it

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I know what guns where aroudn at the time. and guess what, the government AND the people had the SAME weapons! so it was EQUAL GROUND!
by the second amendment the government is doing many illegal things, the american people no longer have adequate means to defend against the government. which is WHAT the second amendment is for. it pretty much means the people are to have whatever means possible to keep the government responsible.

your the one who is clueless about the constitution


absolutely agree. now america has fallen to the depth of neglecting the value of life, right down to babies. its a shame. I think it is high time america brings back traditional values. like in the old days, but without the slavery and all

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that does not change the facts I have put forth but ok

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