Like Grandpa used to say, "always smell it first"

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Especially at my house.. I'm constantly catching my parents with expired food. "Oh that doesn't expire as quickly as it says." Oh yeah? I'm not going to trust cake mix that expired three years ago.

So far the record is about 10 years. I think it was soy sauce.

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In defense of my parents, they did think that was too out of date. They just never bother looking through our cabinets and cleaning out the older food.

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Yeah. Mine mostly said stop putting that stuff in your mouth ya damned idjit. Ha!

As long as you are not installing ammonia lines, that probably works.

Tell Grampa to slow down a bit, maybe go so far as to learn her name, get to know one another.

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I can't stand the smell of cooking collard greens or cabbage, but I do love eating them. Contrariwise, I love the smell of gasoline, but that doesn't mean that I should smell it every chance I get (or maybe I should, depending on who you ask)

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