I'm getting way to much guy attention. Is there something I can do to make myself less attractive?

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Eat a lot of garlic and onions and say Hhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiii...

Un huh......

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Just learn to live with it. lol

@StarzAbove Just learn to live with it. lol

But, they're like cats in heat outside my bedroom window all night long!

Wow....lol lol It's best not to stand in front of your window naked. lol lol Just kidding.

Keep talking.

@dru18 Keep talking.

I do, but it seem these guys are attracted to intelligent small talk.

@dru18 Then I would hate to see what they look like.

Yeah, I agree. Sometimes seeing a handsome man keeps you distracted the rest of the day. It's best if you just don't look.

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You penis sucking homosexuals say that about all sex women. Your jealous because your not us and that you weren't born with a vagina.

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With my luck my radiance would rub off on them, not the other way around.

BTW, are we no longer allowed to say PHAET or something?

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