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Pewdiepie is the most tolerable out of them all, but he's still not that great. I think most of them try too hard to be humorous. Plus I can't help but hate them a little knowing how much money they make just because they decided to make a video one day.

Also it breaks my heart that people actually voted for Bieber, lol.

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But if you love theme parks and/or weird places check out those guys adamthewoo and justinscarred/livefastdiepoor

The Angry Video Game Nerd/James Rolfe
Jack Stickman (Doctor Wolfula and Ghoulash)
Horror Movie Review Guy
Creepypasta Jr
The Metal Voice
Top 15
Rob Dyke
Angry Grandpa/Kid Behind the Camera
Terror Obcustra
Metal Rewind

Justinscarred and adamthewoo. Also i have a lesbian crush on Anita that feminist everyone hates but I dream about.

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