What's the most blasphemous thing you can think of?

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olive garden

white Jesus

Have you ever heard of "Jesus on the Cross" jokes?

Obama saying he is a Christian

That picture of Jesus not have dreads. I would think he never combed his hair.

If Jesus was black he would have put white people in the ghettos.

Is what sense?

That be humankind's inhumanity to itself....

I serve my specialty for Easter dinner
turd soup with dumplings.

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I can thin of a few, but this post did not say to write them.

A "christian" who owns anything.

This user has been banned.

Well for one, Christ made it very clear that his followers should own nothing, not even the clothes on their backs. Their rewards in in heaven not on Earth.

Also your data is messed up, on US soil since 9/11 = 77, almost as many (69) have been killed by Right Wing extremists. the number you are using includes worldwide attacks, mostly Muslim against Muslin (Sunni v Shiite)

@ErasmusB_FurmanSmall A "christian" who owns anything.

Well, to be fair, commies don't like anybody to own anything so ...

skullfuck a dead bunny over jesus' face then cum all over mary until she cant see

Jesus arose from the dead. Jesus was a zombie.

Top that for a new lowwt smilie

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