Do you train your cat?

It's a great gif and just had to show it.
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I think it's a light colored bikini bottom. Damn it! :)

Yes, but on what NOT to do. All I have to say is, "No...".

No, I don't have a cat.

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I tried to train my cat to use the human toilet. I put a container underneath with some litter. Thing is: it was awkward going to the can in the wee hours of the morning. And Tuffle never did get used to going on the toilet without the litter below. Although it was hilarious to watch...


"...train your cat?"??

Now that's a thigh slapper!!

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Ask mine to do anything cute like that and this is what you would get.

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They all have little attitudes.

Smart cat!

If I ever got a cat I would train him to do that.

Shock jock poll if I ever seen one!

Oh they never listen to me, so I don't even try.

Kinda,he can cook some good pasta but likes to put too much Tabasco.

I guess some pets are easier to train..

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