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i thought it was spelled fuji go figure

@TheRedJester i thought it was spelled fuji go figure

They are Fuji... I forgot about faves, too.

Sukiesnows avatar Sukiesnow Honeycrisp +1Reply

McIntosh or Spartan

I prefer sour, hard apples.

George182s avatar George182 Granny Smith +2Reply

Red delicious
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@StarzAbove Red delicious

Oh God Starz. That is the best looking, but blandest apple there is. LOL! You need to live in my state, the home of them. :)

dru18s avatar dru18 Jonagold, / Mcintosh 0Reply

I love Honey Crisps and Braeburn.

Sukiesnows avatar Sukiesnow Honeycrisp +1Reply

Granny Smith apples are by far my favorite.

StephenBs avatar StephenB Granny Smith +1Reply

Mcintosh all the way. A very crispy tart apple.

dru18s avatar dru18 Jonagold, / Mcintosh +1Reply

I love the tarty sweet!

LilithReborns avatar LilithReborn Granny Smith +1Reply

Multi Billion dollar tech company

JFFs avatar JFF Other +1Reply

Envy just cuz the name it sounds so drama queen

Granny Smith

Honeyrose62s avatar Honeyrose62 Granny Smith 0Reply

Oh I love the Golden ones :)

Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess Golden Delicious -1Reply
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