if you are becoming a citizen of Canada or USA should you be allowed to cover your face?

the liberal socialists are gettign angry at our government for making it it a requirement for ALL to show the face to become a citizen, no discrimination, its no face covering regardless of who. but the liberals are crying that it discriminates against Muslim refugees.

what are your thoughts?

40% yes 40% no 20% Other
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Face covering is looked upon in western cultures as consealment of identity. Identity consealment in western cultures is also strongly associated nefarious intent.
Muslin women typicaly prefer to cover their faces in public. Islamic extremests are currently the most widespread source of worldwide terror. By appearance alone it is nearly impossible to differentiate between Muslim terrorists and non-terrorists.
To be accommodating to their new hosts, IMO Muslim women should refrain from covering their faces in public.

Don't know, but some people should just do it as a courtesy

I'd love to cover my face and not have to wear make up...:-)

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