Best Stephen King movie adaptations ?

What's favorite movie/mini series based on a Stephen King novel

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My personal favorites are Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Dead Zone.

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I think most of the best screen adaptions of Stephen King's writing have been of his 'novellas', Stand By Me included.

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I wouldn't go that far myself, but yeah, some of the screen adaptations have been pretty bad. Although I don't think Firestarter is one of King's best books, I've never read one that I don't think is at least good.
I found the acting in that movie so terrible, that I almost walked out of the theater.

I forgot to mention Misery as one of my favorites. Love the book AND the movie. :)

The Shining Carrie and Pet Sematary

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King was not please himself with the Jack Nickleson version. He had more control over the second one, and I like that one much better too.

Everyone of them. Steven King's horror writing is much ado about nothing.

I love all of them but IT.

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