LEGOLAND may be coming to my county in NY. Though many residents are opposed to it I champion it! This county is so dull and dreary and there is nothing for me here. If this proposal falls through I will leave this county. WE need more theme parks to take the sting out of reality. The park would replace an abandoned mental institution that used to torture gay people.

Finally something that doesn't make me wanna shoot myself is coming to my county and its crazy residents just can't help but try to ruin it.

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where are you from?

It wont be a ghost town here I'm sure. We do not have a family theme park. Great Adventure is packed to the brim every day, but with rowdy teenagers and gang members. I once had a bottle chucked at my head there as a little girl. Coney island is really hard to get to if you don't live in the city, and ample parking is not available. The closest theme park with that friendly family feel is Hersheypark.....three hours away in central Pennsylvania (almost the distance of LA to Vegas)

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Because as far as I know you guys only get small theme parks for some reason. Small theme parks never last because it's not worth the money to go.

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I liked LA for the fact that It has one of every amusment chain in it's area. LEGOLAND, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Cedar Fair's Knotts Berry farm, Busch's Sea World, and you don't even have to leave the area! Around here there is a big emphasis on things being spread far and thin. New Yorkers have been described by a coaster book I read to be "hard to please" in the amusement park field. Why? probably because they are all busybodies who think living 24/7 in hardcore reality is healthy. I'm a fantasy girl. I need my fantasy! I don't take life seriously like most people around here seem to. I actually like to laugh and play. (what a concept!) So pretty much I'm planning on moving out very soon to head for Cali. I don't even like the cold anyway. If this thing isn't built (which seems likely if you ask me with these stubborn fools) I will DEFINATELY move out and never visit that town again for as long as I am alive.

We could be a fun area like orange county but instead we are more like Teaneck or Statan Island or (god forbid) LONG ISLAND!! home of the mcmansions and the stuck up jerks and not anything else ever.

I didn't mean all small parks were bad. Lake compounce up in Ct is really nice. Knoebels in PA is good too. But like I said all far from me. Three hours in no traffic for the majority, and a fortune in NY's beloved toll systems

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It's both. It is a perfect balance of thrill rides and very intimate small time touch. And now they have a focus on a return to the classics, putting in ride types that have not been seen in years like the flying turns and the squirrel cages and the wooded darkride/mine coaster. Not to mention their badass haunted house

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That all makes me think of PA. PA is the one state in this area that seems to resemble anything interesting and different. In NY to do anything fun you have to pay the high price of entering the city. In Pa you just drive around no bridge and tunnel authority. You get to see things and not feel rushed or pressured. The NY rudeness still seeps in, and I don't agree with a lot of the politics in some areas as you know, but at least it has that character of fun you can enjoy with your clothes on as they say.

I am planning a trip back to the old Strasburg RR for a VIP (in the 1800s sense) ride aboard a luxury parlor car for only 20 bucks with wine and cheese!

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The Adirondacks are so far away from me. The mountains and foothills here are the places that are getting gentrified now. It'll get out there. This just adds to my idea that to do fun stuff you need to drive really far from where live. If I lived in the LA area, I could just drive to Disneyland each day and be quite satisfied with my life, with a different adventure planned for weekends like climbing a mt or exploring the desert or surfing

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-high five- Exactly!! so much wacky stuff from santa monica to Hollywood's weird shops and all over. Any excuse I will take to move there. I just got back from there and I was staring at my ticket LA to NEWARK and I was like why on earth would I ever buy this ticket??? WHY!!!???

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apparently the increased traffic will create....get this......a fire hazard!!! somehow!!

I feel like anytime anything fun happens it goes against rockland county mentality of having to be painfully painfully suburban. By that I mean that this county is so boring and so full of sprawl that you can drive for miles and miles and see nothing but cookie cutter private villages and horrifically painted pink houses with faux stone entryways and that same awful fake mansion look. All the woods are practically gone already as it is do to these god forsaken places.

What I fear now is that instead of having a place that will not only provide me personally with something to do on those painfully boring days without paying a billion tolls and getting caught in traffic, IT will also be a great boom to the economy of a collapsing county, and probably help pay for that ridiculous minor league stadium nobody goes to. It will aslo add an element of family resort atmosphere to a very bleak part of the county which as I've described many times "makes you feel like you are lost somewhere dark and far away, even when close to home".

So yeah.

As for the so called fire hazard, Disnelyand managed to build an express road around its resort for local traffic. I'm sure that can be managed here. Two months ago when I visited my beloved favorite theme park I noticed locals buzzing right through the area even on busy days using these roads.

NYC area needs a theme park, we're losing all our amusment parts by the numbers! Thor equities threatened to turn Coney island into a luxury apartment area. Soon we'll demolish everything interesting and just put up places to live so people can live and be bored in peace.

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Totally! Not to mention how arrogant they are! Just working at a supermarket you can see their true faces. entitled, lazy, selfish, rude, pushy, busybodies with no sense of others. Living here can be compared to that early busy workday on a cold morning feeling. So painfully ordinary. Rudeness is such a disease here that when I was in LA I marveled at how people actually allowed me into other lanes on the freeway without a single honk nor middle finger! incredible!

Rockland has become an extension of that cesspool long island


Yes! Country gentrification is happening here too, in a northbound direction. The cool resorts and roadside attractions are making way for.....you guessed it! More of those horrible gated communities and developments! wee.....fun?

Gone is the beautiful red apple rest, where my mom used to go with my dad and many other cozy nooks of good old Americana charm! I would not be surprised if they tore down harriman state park to put up a mall at this point.

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And this is why we can't have nice stuff. Cuz we just turn it into stupid ugly pink houses.

Come to think of it there is nothing for whole families to enjoy together around here. It's all focused on dividing up the family. Don't even get me started on the self proclaimed cool town of Nyack, the WeHo wannabe that never can be.

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Not only that but its more of a weho wannabe wannabe. WITH SUPER HIPSTERS! And bands that think the quieter you sing the more deep your soul is..........yeah..............barf

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Well after seeing LA this year this place is just no comparison. Not once there did I feel like I've gone too far because you drive one hour and already your get t see vast deserts. With all people say about LA sprawl at least THEY have kept in character. Not to mention all the cool preserved ghost towns and quiet beaches of CA that everyone can go to not just the owners. Big Sur, Morro bay, all well preserved and still quiet. Then I come home and already I see the jammed traffic on the jersey shore. To get to a nice calm beach you must go allllll the way to RHODE ISLAND.

Its ridicules and its need to built. Make the place more interesting

@RobertVonnik Its ridicules and its need to built. Make the place more interesting

In truth! and you must realize that there is nothing in the NY area for the whole family to enjoy. It's either too intense or too childish. But who the flip doesn't like legos? And meeting the tomboy lego girl from the movie Wildstyle?

Because everyone loves Legos! and I hate places that don't have theme parks!

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