WHY????? Can Democrats have affairs, take pictures of their 'junk' and do just about any other debauched activity and get away with it, but Republicans cannot?

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Remember this Republican Larry Craig, got caught in a restroom making out with another guy. lol lol And there's been many many more Repugs who got caught with their pants down. lol

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What Democrat has gotten away with something? They get caught too. They all should be tarred and weathered for doing crap like that when we have elected them to run this country.

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Are you kidding, the president can't spit on the ground without someone making a big deal about it. Geez.

Because Repubs attempt to legislate what we do in the bedroom
and Dems don't care what you do with your naughty-bits

Wow. Considering the comments here, the Double Standard is alive and well here on Amirite.

Because democrats can blame it on their heavy drug use.

narcissistic, selfish, "me monsters" is why

Because who would want to have an affair with a Republican?

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