Are you worried about the future?

Image for post Are you worried about the future?
45% Yes 37% No 18% Other
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I just want to see the cool new tech.

Only when I look at my bank balances...

The future better be worried about me

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global warming scam to control people, who's fault was it when earth came out of the ice age? no human could possibly affect it then. earth HAD to warm up in order for ice to melt, according to global warming thumpers only humans can cause global warming, aka technically earth should still have been in an ice age till humans found oil.

christians ramming their terrorist views? geez, how stupid can one get or what are you smoking??? what terrorist views are you referring too? do note that over 9O% of wars have NOTHING to do with religion. not even this war America is in now is over religion, it is for oil and control, religion is used as a cover story.

Obama is the biggest war monger AMerica has known, he never keeps his promises and you wonder why people dislike the guy.

if by conservative nut job you mean neo cons like trump? he is no worse then your democrat candidates!
vote ron paul or Rand paul

Not at all

I'm worried I'll be trapped in the same place forever. I'm worried that if I do go to a new place, I'll have to leave my boyfriend behind. I'm worried I'll be just an average person. I'm worried I'll fail in school and in my career. I'm worried I'll not get to travel to all the places I want to. I'm worried about my family's health.

Sort of. I just hope it works out for all of us.

I'm too busy dwelling in the past..

Only in an abstract way. I'm mostly fatalistic.

i could describe the fall of rome and the way USA and Canada and most of the western countries are going would match that story to a T

Oh I use to be but not anymore.

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