Where is Bob? :-)

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Last I heard he fell asleep on the Chunnel and landed in another country....

Not sure.

@StephenB Not sure.

Not sure? In fact I think Bob once mentioned he'd just seen his friend StephenB...but you tell me...where might this be? :-)

Then I heard from a friend just five minutes ago that she thought she saw him working in the Dorchester as a bartender.

But then someone told me they saw Bob at the Greyhound station in Toronto...using the hand blow dryer to dry his body.

I last saw Bob in my kitchen making curry chicken.


What a guy. He drank everyone under the table the other night and got dragged off the the hoosegow in the morning...


I heard he invented...something to do with worms...now he's a millionaire and spins in different circles.


He ended up being a farmer in the mid-west somewhere...saw crop circles once and was never the same after....


Became a stunt actor...then a paraplegic and is now recovering in some posh Bellair Hotel...


Gay. Definitely... which was a surprise to all of us that grew up with him. And to think I shared a shower with him...


Caught stealing at the bank he worked...downhill from there...now he pushes paper in Human Resources...

Bob lefts since he got tired of waiting for responses.


He won the lottery! Haven't you heard? It wasn't much but enough to set himself up in a few ventures which have since extrapolated and made him a multi-millionaire.

He could aways sing. He took a risk and went to live in Nashville. Ended up selling musical instruments in a shop there... Sad...


Bob moved to Philadelphia where he married and became a born again. My cousin told me.

The last I heard was that Bob was in therapy...analysis...for about 15 years. He'll be done soon.

Oh, didn't you hear? Bob married Trudy...remember her? Yeah. Anyway they took over her parents farm once they died...4 kids...all of them girls... Yeah.

He is living down the street from me and is doing lawn work as we speak.

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