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This is just silly. Federal prisons already allowed for the dietary needs of the inmates. I'm sick and tired of the PC crap! As an after thought, they added that they didn't want to offend Jews, but I don't know a single Orthodox Jew who is offended when someone else eats pork (or has a sausage biscuit or bacon and eggs) and why now have they decided not to offend Jews? I also read that the Feds said pork was more expensive than beef. Maybe they need to visit my local butcher or grocery store! Such BS!

Though Obama has had no love for America in his upbringing, and an anti-colonialist for a father, and an America hater for a preacher, and a former domestic terrorist for a cohort, and and a un-proud American for a wife, and has spoken in defense of a religion that is tied to sharia, and nearly doubled our out of control debt, and abandoned our allies, I see no reason to believe that he has any faith in any God, other than socialism. But that's just me think smilie

What do you expect, he's only following the rules of his religion

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They don't have to eat anything they don't want to.

They need to bring back pork.

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