Do you feel pride over something you are, but did nothing to contribute to?

For instance.. the color of your skin? Does it invoke a sense of pride? If so why? Or, your hair color, or being right handed? Or the color of your eyes?

I may like these things, but I don't feel pride over them. I am proud when I work hard, and accomplish something. I am proud when I make another feel good. Many things cause a sense of pride within me.

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Sure. I feel pride in my heritage and my family. It's not quite as shallow as having pride in something like skin color, but it's still something I had no control over or contribution to.

I come from a long line of hard working, blue collar type folks who struggled most of their lives to better their families. I'm proud of that, but I didn't choose my bloodline.

I'm proud of my mother. She busted her ass to raise three children by herself, and she did a damn fine job. She took online classes while we were in college to better herself, and she still works two jobs in addition to taking care of both her parents even though she hasn't had a relationship with her abusive mother for thirty years.

I'm proud of my father. He was murdered while trying to save his best friend's life. He died a hero. I'm proud of them, but I didn't choose my parents.

To a lesser extent I take pride in my cultural heritage. I didn't choose it, but learning about where my family comes from and certain traditions and such within the family is really cool.

I don't think it's always a bad or shallow thing to feel pride over something you just are.

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Seems a bit shallow. Most things that I am proud of, I have worked pretty hard for.

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