Females with tattoos are not very lady like. amirite?

Image for post Females with tattoos are not very lady like. amirite?
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I don't have a tattoo, but if a gal wants to have one, that's her business....not mine.

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@KristenGuruLynn Their mothers.

Their mothers probably have tats too....

@KristenGuruLynn ...and STD's.

Not necessarily. I thought we were discussing tats....why bring up STDs and try to demean someone all because they have a tattoo....geez.

@KristenGuruLynn Because females who come with tats usually come with STD's.

That's not true at all. I know women who have tats and no STD. You must run with a bunch of tramps to say something like that.

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big deal

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Not being guy like.

It's lady like if they can achieve erection status from me... Tattoos help

I've seen some pretty bad ones, but I also have seen some very good ones,

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I'm not very lady like in the first place, but really, who cares?

I wouldn't stereotype. Some are nasty looking and others look nice.

Check this one out: Image in content

Some are!

6'3 giants with tattoos who love to swear and like tee shirts and sweatpants aren't very lady-like, either.

But I am lady-like because I have a vagina and identify as a female so I am therefore a goddamn lady woman person

Religion, culture, personal preference. I also know women who chew tobacco and are not lesbians. Maybe you are fighting your own sexual preference, that I don't think involves humans that much.

Define "lady-like."

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