Do you believe in miracles?

Image for post Do you believe in miracles?
47% Yes 40% No 13% Other
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Can you explain why you hold this belief.

If by "miracle" you mean
a fat old man with bad breath
getting laid then,
it happens surprisingly
(and delightfully) often


Miracles are perfectly explainable occurrences that we just don't have the explanation for yet. It's like when people in ancient civilizations attributed weather to Greek Gods; it's raining, thank Zeus! We define the things we can't understand as miracles or phenomenon or acts of God, but eventually some awesome scientist or doctor or whatever will come along and be like "No you dumdums, there's a perfectly logical explanation for this." But instead of trying to find that explanation we take the easy way out and say "OMG it's a miracle." We're silly like that, sometimes.

I believe that everything can be explained. Maybe not now. Maybe not in the next million years. But there IS an answer; we just don't know what is it.

No. Maybe. Somewhat. I always hedge my bets.

Miracles are most commonly thought to be caused by divine powers. Thus belief in such events requires belief in the existence of divine powers. So NO. I can not say they are real.

I'd like to, but some crotchtey old scientist always has to ruin it by trying to explaining how it happened.

Yes without a doubt, I believe in smilie

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