Do you watch professional League games when they are in the Finals?

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NO!! Too intense for me.

Unless I have money riding on it and then I either drink a lot or take a sedative.

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Just more calming than watching the Playoffs...

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I watch it for the other people. What they wear...most people really dress up to be on the show...and to listen to their accents... And how they handle being put on the spot...

I tell you if someone was taking you to Small Claims and said Would You Mind Being on Judge Judy's show...would you ever say Yes?? You get a choice of being on the show or not...

@Wolfcave What kind of accent do you have?

Of course everyone thinks their accent is boring...partly Canadian, partly European....I'm told when i get angry, which is, like, nevair! :-)

@Sukiesnow What's your accent...?

I never heard of a Canadian accent. Lol My accent must be American.

Some of them.

Some of them.

I even watch it when there's no finals.

I like to watch the World Cup, usually after the prelims, when it comes down to the usual eliminations. Also the Super Bowl is the only other one that I watch. I try to watch the Olympics in some entirety on some sports, as well as Touring Car races, and such.

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