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I don't like it.

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So true.. it seems most of my friends (even my best friends) are on there every day "liking" posts, pictures, etc and commenting on them and chatting with people, even though they only text/talk to me every few days. Kind of a shame. Now I feel like I have to be on there just to talk to them. sigh

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Nope. Not at all.

Meh. Doesn't look very appealing. I've been thinking about getting an account there just to talk to friends more, but I kinda don't feel like it.

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xD Good. I really don't though. I feel like I'd get bored of it pretty quickly. And I heard the privacy there isn't too great either.

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Yeah, I agree completely. Seems like a lot of people would rather text or chat on FB than actually talk to each other in person when they're near each other.

And that's my situation right now (referring to that last sentence). Most of my friends are away at different colleges and are really busy and the only way we can talk right now is by phone. ('Cause none of us really email anymore, so.) And they don't really wanna do that that much, it seems. Like, even when we do talk, I'm the one who's started the convo most of the time, even though I don't like texting or calling people first and am not used to it. Yet they have time to chat with other friends on FB all the time. And it kinda makes me feel left out.

Like, I understand if someone doesn't wanna talk every day. I sometimes don't either. Sometimes I prefer being alone myself. But I just don't understand why someone would ignore a friend for a long while just because they're not on FB and then talk to FB friends all the time.

Not to mention some of the stuff some people get upset over on there. >_> Jeez..


Mi piace Facebook.

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