How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Image for post How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
69% Oh about this long... 25% I don't do mornings... 6% Other
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I'd rather have Donald Trump rip out my testicles than get up in the morning

Yankee_Douches avatar Yankee_Douche I don't do mornings... +2Reply

About 20 minutes. Then it's coffee time.

Will_Janitors avatar Will_Janitor Oh about this long... +2Reply

40 min

C_ZAR1s avatar C_ZAR1 Oh about this long... +2Reply

Less than 30 minutes if I put an effort. 10 minutes if I just brush my teeth and hair.

cali93s avatar cali93 Oh about this long... +1Reply

Mornings? It doesn't take me long but it takes me longer to get my pets up.

15 min to 1/2 hour
unless I make breakfast at home
then add another 10 inutes

probably about 45, including shower

BuddyCakess avatar BuddyCakes Oh about this long... +1Reply

maybe 45 mins.

Wolfcaves avatar Wolfcave Oh about this long... +1Reply

Ready for what?

About an hour to an hour & a half.

Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess Oh about this long... -1Reply
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