Sharing some thoughts Autumn is also the time of the departure or of the arrival of various migrating birds. In English, a crane may be a machine, device or tool - or a bird, for instance: or

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The pictures:

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Lol - do you remember Fred's job:

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Lol - it might help to find your way through the fog:

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<iframe width="420" height="315" src="YouTube video thumbnailameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> We get a lot of Sand Hill Cranes in my area.

How nice - I just saw some pictures in the news about the migration of the Common or Eurasian crane - on their migration from North Europe to the south, they stop in our temperate regions at this time of the year, before continuing their flight:

for instance

(in today's news)

and further south

and Great Britain:

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All I know is these guys.

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Although, I did see a very leggy bird down by the pond. I have never seen any cranes in this state.

I must have seen a baby, because it was all brown, and was near as big as the one in the picture. He was near a pond at the school I attend, which is pretty much out in the woods.

Canadian Geese, you don't fool with. We have those too, and they are so aggressive.

Yes, geese can defend themselves quite well - after all they are widely hunted:
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@Marianne Yes, geese can defend themselves quite well - after all they are widely hunted:...

Love getting info from you. I am glad that many conservationists are dealing with Canadian Geese by coating their eggs instead of shooting them, although even that gives me a weird feeling.

I have been attacked by many geese and ducks in my time.

I usually deserved it. :)

Lol - that looks like a Canada goose ...

Maybe that you can observe cranes in less urban, natural zones with lakes or ponds:

Have a great afternoon! smile smilie

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