Would you rather go to California or New York ?

Image for post Would you rather go to California or New York ?
28% New York 56% California 17% Other
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6 20

Winter will be here soon, so I would rather go to California and enjoy the beach.

Mogals avatar Mogal California +4Reply

If it was just for a weekend, I'd say NYC. If it's for an extended stay, I'd say CA. There are just a lot of things to do in CA that I would want a few weeks to do them all.

I've already been to New York twice. I've never been to California yet.

Puck_PHAETs avatar Puck_PHAET California +2Reply

I'd like to shop in New York...

new york cause its closer

eli666s avatar eli666 New York +1Reply

Oh I couldn't be paid enough to go back to California.

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I have family in Salinas. I think some people are mean & stuck up there.

I've been to both and i rather just stay where i'm at..

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