Right-wing media plays conservatives like dogs in a fight. FOX News and conservative pundits make more money as GOP fumbles. The more they fail to deliver on the outrageous demands invented by the pundits, the angrier the audience gets. Anger means more clicks, more phone calls, and more ad revenue. It is to the media's great benefit that the GOP engages in dramatic, but doomed, gestures like government shutdowns, defunding PP, or repealing Obamacare. GOP failure stokes the outrage machine and outrage lines the pockets of media owners.

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A bit...
At the extremes of party influence:

-the far-far right gets its information almost exclusively from pundits

  • more moderate right wingers use multiple sources

  • the far-far left does not follow media often and gets all information from academic sources
    -moderate left is more like to have college educations, read more, and is less influenced by clergy

It is thought that this explains why the "left-wing pundit" never became a thing like the right-wing did. I can name 3 or 4 right-wing talking-heads for ever left-winger. Also the left-wingers use humor to get across its message whereas the right-wingers use vehemence.

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Great example of poor journalism

Help me see how this supports or refutes the idea that right-wing media tries to sabotage the GOP as parr of a business strategy?

The OP argues for that position

I would say that CNNs obfuscation is not intended to encourage left-wingers to support positions that the majority of voters would reject.

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