Some dude either knocks on your door, or catches you in the parking lot, and asks: Are you (mentioning your name)? What do you say?

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Well...sir...consider yourself served. Have a nice day/

Nick name only?
Probably say "yes I am"

First and last full name
I would say "are you looking for him?"

To an everyday Joe? Probably act surprised and say something like, "What? Who are you?"

To someone in a police uniform? Most likely, "Yes officer. How can I help you?

"That depends. Why do you want to know?"

@Lucythetooth "That depends. Why do you want to know?"

Uh-oh...To me that would be a dead giveaway... It is you! Better to say NOPE.

I don't know anyone by that name. Have a nice day.

"Never heard of that person,i'm on my way to throw branches in a wood to join me?

Oh I would say that I don't know that person. I have been in that situation. Its scary.

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