Pentagon announces limited release of info on it's "Non-Terrestrial Operations"

In a move that elicited surprise from some, and knowing smiles from others, the Pentagon has announced it will make public certain aspects of the long rumored "Secret Space Program" known internally as "Non-Terrestrial Operations." When reached for comment, one senior official said "It's a proud part of America's history, and it's future. Although security concerns have led us to keep these programs secret, we knew all along that the time would come when they would become public. It has been longer than we would have liked but we're at a point in history where we feel the public is able to handle the truth. We could never allow the heroes who have sacrificed so much in this bold endeavor to go unrecognized and forgotten." he added, "It's time to take this operation to the next level." [sadly this is satire, but we can dream...]

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Art Bell and his fans just won't let this go! If the government knows anything, they'll never tell us about it. I mean, we could be under attack by Reptilians, and they will stick to their stories about weather balloons and 'if we like our plan, we can keep our plan'.

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