gay marriage is not equality

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funny how the looney left and neo cons who are really closet liberals like to make a big fuss and make sure their agenday is spread and heard by everyone, but when one group stands up for their rights against the liberal agenda they are somehow the evil ones. when really its the twisted left ideologies that are evil

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That's all very warm and fuzzy. The whole gay push has nothing to do with love however - except perhaps love of power.

Aren't you the least bit curious why the left so suddenly became supportive of the gay movement? Gays are simply pawns in the progressive march to cater to every fringe for political gain and destroy political opposition. The whole thing involved overturning the will of the people.

What ever success the gays might be feeling right now is only temporary. Nobody thinks homosexuality is normal - it's not.

People are still whining about this?

That little poster says it all! 2% of the population didn't make that big stink all by themselves. Progressive money and clout designed to tear at the fabric that is American values and fabric that hold it together.

There is a power struggle in any relationship.

It's legal... Get over it.

Marriage = Between a Man and A Woman. PERIOD. Has been since the beginning of mankind.

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