Many Are Outraged By These 5 Words CNN Displayed During Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony!!!!!

When armed terrorists are defeated in an attempt to board a bus filled with innocent schoolchildren who were their potential victims, it seems appropriate that news headlines should reflect relief at a plot being foiled.
INSTEAD......this is what was reported:
“Palestinians shot boarding kids’ bus,” CNN proclaimed in a box across the bottom of the screen. This hardly communicated the reality of the incident.

Many Are Outraged By These 5 Words CNN Displayed During Hillary's Benghazi TestimonyIt's appalling that...http://www.westernjournalism.com/many-are-outraged-by-these-5-words-cnn-displayed-during-hillarys-benghazi-testimony/
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CNN’s attempt to whitewash the event outraged many.
In actuality.......“The Palestinians were shot before carrying out the potential massacre – somewhat of a miracle in and of itself.”
thank you! (useless propagandized MSM)

The outrage is and will remain that she participated in a failed attempt at coverup an inconvenient incident that occurred only weeks before obama's reelection.
All she had to do yesterday was keep her cool. Her actual answers don't matter to her supporters, simpiy that she remain calm was to be considered a success. WOW n smilie

I wouldn't have watched that spectacle if you paid me.

Crappy Newsless Network is in the tank for Clintoon and is very anti-Israel. I'm starting to think they are also very anti-Americans too. I think I've watched 20 seconds all year of them. They haven't done real news in many years.

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